Where to Show Off Your Unique Enamel Pin?

To start off, what is enamel? Enamels are the components on either side of a coat or jacket that fold back near the neckline and create an opening in front.

Where should you place a custom enamel pin on your suit? Generally, it must be pinned just below the neckline and above the pocket square of your left lapel. Many suits feature buttonholes for this purpose; however, if yours does not, gently insert the pin directly through the fabric.

Enamel pin on a Tie

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Whether you’re wearing a coat or just your tie, wearing enamel pins is necessary. If you aren’t donning a coat, make sure to place the pin in the center of your tie for maximum effect. On the contrary, if you are sporting a coat then it is best practice to affix it onto the left placket instead of anywhere else on your attire.

Enamel pin on Dress Shirt

For those of you not wearing coats or ties, lapel sticks are a great option for your dress shirt. Simply place the pin on the left side near your heart where a traditional lapel would be.

Enamel pin on Coat

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To incorporate your lapel pins into your everyday wardrobe, you could use it as a coat pin. It is common to attach smaller or miniature pins to the left lapel of an upscale and formal coat. However, if a buttonhole isn’t present on that side, pinning them onto either side of the lapel or even collar will still give off an ultra-chic look. With this method comes much more autonomy when styling with these distinct accessories.


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While some may debate the best way to incorporate boutonnières or long-stem pins into an outfit, there is no definitive answer. Test out both approaches — making the base visible or disguising it with enamel — and see which option works best for your look.

With so many choices available, selecting a shade for your lapel pin can be an overwhelming decision. We believe that the color of your lapel pin should compliment the rest of your suit rather than clash with bright colors or patterns in contrast to ties and pocket squares. If you’re uncertain, stick to neutral shades such as grey or black which easily blend into any outfit.

With accessorizing, it may be tempting to go overboard with decorations; however, too much can appear gaudy. Even if your pins are trendy and stylish, having a multitude of them on at one time might seem unkempt – unless for a purposeful cause like a red poppy pin. If you’d rather have an elegant appearance, keeping it simple is always the best option.

When wearing an enamel pin, make sure it is secure. The last thing you want is for it to fall out! To avoid this, use a safety clasp or double-sided tape if you are affixing the pin to clothing that doesn’t have a buttonhole. Additionally, keep in mind that pins can easily get caught in the fabric and pull threads. To help minimize the amount of damage, make sure to carefully remove it when taking off your article of clothing.

In conclusion, enamel pins are a fun way to express yourself and add some flair to any outfit. Whether you’re wearing a coat or dress shirt, there is an ideal placement for your pin that suits the occasion. Just remember to be mindful when affixing it and always have fun with fashion!