Decorating With Used Furniture: Tips for Creating a Cozy and Unique Space

Used goods are a great way to decorate your new flat or redecorate an old apartment. Pieces of furniture are one the key components of a room’s interiors. If the pieces of furniture are elegant and unique, they create wonderful interiors for the flat or house.

However, unique furniture is typically expensive as well. If you are to buy everything firsthand, you may end up burning a big hole in your pocket. So every time that you think of redesigning your house make sure to contact theĀ best used furnitureĀ store in town.

Some Common Tips That Can Make Your Rooms Look Cozy And Unique


Use Dark Shades Of Wood And Rugs

Wooden furniture has certain attributes that make them unique. Wooden furniture is elegant, and exquisitely carved wooden furniture pieces can take you back to the eighteenth century.

However, wood is also expensive and getting hold of original dark wood functions is not easy.

First of all, wooden furniture making has taken a toll due to environmental concerns related to deforestation and its effects on global warming. And secondly, the high cost associated with wood makes wooden furniture accessible only to a few people.

So if you are one of those who would not want to burn a hole in your pocket to buy a side table or chair for your living room, then you should definitely go for used furniture.

Moreover, when you go to a secondhand furniture market, you get plenty of options. So you can get hold of some of the darker woods like chestnut and ebony, which are difficult to find in shops that sell brand-new furniture.

Darker colors or Darker Woods give a warm and cozy feeling. So if you can lay your hands on some pieces of furniture made up of dark wood, then you must try and complement it with rugs and mattresses which have a dark shade as well. Together dark wooden chairs, tables and rugs are sure to make your house look warm and unique.

Make Sure That The Furniture Is In Sync With The Lighting


It does not matter what type of furniture you buy, but you will never get a warm and cozy feeling if the lights are not right. So make sure that there is a balance between the lights in the ceilings and recessed lights ( main lighting) versus the decorative lighting like lamp shades etc.

Now changing the light fitting of your house every time you buy new furniture or vice versa is a heck of a task. So what you can do is get used furniture to complement the lights fitting your house. Alternatively, you can get used lampshades and chandeliers to complement the furniture that you purchase.

Do Not Hesitate To Go For Contrasts

Contrast between your flooring, wall paints, lights and your furniture can create a unique look for your rooms. However, the paint on the wall and the lighting in the rooms get changed more frequently than the chairs and tables in your rooms.

So if you paint your wall with nude or pastel colors, you can get quirky upholstered sofas to add a constant. If you are feeling adventurous, you can also add a leather sofa or stool to give a stark contrast to wooden floors and light-colored walls.

So far, you have seen how old sofa sets, chairs and tables can help in creating a unique look for your rooms. Hence the latter part of this article discusses why used furniture is the perfect choice for redesigning your rooms.

Reasons Why Secondhand Furniture Should Be Your First Choice


They Offer Classic Designs

If you are looking for classic designs that can redefine the look of your house, you may have to go for used pieces. Modern chairs, dining tables etc., go for minimalistic designs; hence they lack the rich and intricate carvings that old designs feature. So if you are very keen on creating a retro look, then secondhand stores are the place to visit.

They Do Not Get Damaged Easily

If you are someone who values money, you should go for classical designs that are made up of durable materials. Most old pieces of furniture are made up of durable materials like wood or metals. So despite being old, they will probably last longer than the plastic tables and chairs that you see in the market today.

Also, since wood and metal items last longer, you resell them again when you plan on changing the design. Thus you can recover most of the money that you spend on buying metal or wooden items.

Used Furniture Are Cozy

Used sofas and chairs are hygienic because most shops that sell secondhand items make sure to clean the items and remove all possible germs from them. Moreover, used items are cozy as they have been used for a long time. And in most cases, used items have also undergone several rounds of washing that make them comfortable and smooth.

Used Items Are Less Expensive

One of the most important considerations for a customer when buying any item is its cost. So when it comes to the cost, used items are definitely a better option than brand-new items. You can get two or three used furniture pieces for one brand-new item.



In the past few years, the market for used goods has seen a steady rise. There are several reasons why people are making a move toward the secondhand industry. People can buy multiple old items for the price of one new item. They can get a lot of variety and classic designs which may no longer be available in the market.

Whatever the reason for their popularity, there is no denying that most interior designers have taken to the idea of using secondhand items to create lovely spaces. So if you are planning on buying a new flat or redecorating your old apartment, do consider visiting a used items store before you start planning the new look of the house.