Profitable Wine Businesses You Can Start in 2023

Overall, the wine industry is one of the most profitable industries in the United States.

The profit margins in the wine industry are good because wine can be marked up more than many commodities, and financial forecasters expect the wine industry to keep growing. When most people think of starting a wine business, they think of a winery, but there are other aspects of the wine industry that you can get into if you’re interested in wine. You can also find a variety of wine niche markets to explore.

Wine is a favorite in the tourism industry, too. It’s also one of the fastest-growing e-commerce items, making 2023 a great time to start a wine business.

If you like the sound of starting a business centered on wine, consider one of these profitable wine business ideas.

Open a Wine and Cheese Bar


Does your city have a wine and cheese bar? If not, opening one in your hometown could be one of the most profitable wine businesses you could start in 2023.

Besides a passion for different wines and cheeses, you will need a great location and a business plan. Imagine serving flights of wine and cheese trays in a great atmosphere, and then start planning the business.

Your plan needs to include market research and a design concept. Regulatory issues are a significant hurdle, but once you have complied with the paperwork, you can get the proper equipment, hire some employees, and get started.

Don’t overlook the essential retail business requirements, though. Every retail business needs worker’s compensation and other types of insurance to protect its investment and comply with local, state, and federal regulations.

Worker’s compensation for retail business is available online and costs less than you think. Moreover, you can save even more when you bundle worker’s comp with other types of insurance policies.

All the information you need to get started is available online. You can purchase your policy, get insurance certificates, and file claims without making a phone call.

Sell Wine Gift Baskets

Gift basket businesses are popular and profitable. There are many reasons to give gifts throughout the year, and gift baskets are easy and sure to please.

Wine-themed gift baskets can be romantic and festive, but to legally add wine to your gift basket business, you’ll need more than just a standard business license. You’ll also need to have a permit that allows you to distribute alcohol.

Because all states are different, you’ll have to check with your state’s alcohol control board. Note that beer and wine differ from liquor, and these permits are usually easier to obtain.

Wine e-commerce is growing and could be a very profitable business in 2023. Double-check the wine shipping regulations for each state if you plan on selling wine gift baskets online.

Plant a Vineyard


Although there isn’t a set amount of acres you need for a vineyard, less than ten acres is probably not enough. You’ll also need patience and time.

Once established, a vineyard can earn about $2,500 to $5,000 per acre annually. In addition, vineyards are long-lived, so that makes them a profitable wine business.

You can choose to focus solely on farming the grapes, or you can choose to add a winery to your vineyard. If you plan to add a winery at some point, include it in your business plan from the beginning.

Become a Wine Influencer on Instagram

Influencer marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. For example, you can get paid a lot of money to market wine on your Instagram account if you have a lot of followers.

The barriers to entry are pretty low for this wine-related business. So start an IG account, promote yourself to get followers, and use your influence to help wineries market their wine.

That sounds like so much fun it hardly even seems like work.

Start a Winery


Every true romantic has dreamed of starting a winery. How hard is it to start a winery? There’s no doubt that this can be a challenging field to break into, but the rewards can be incredible if you’re patient and hardworking.

Starting a winery is a passion investment that takes time but yields big results. Just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. The higher barrier to entry means that you will have less competition.

As of 2020, there were about 11,000 wineries in the United States. In addition, there are wineries in every state, even though some states are more well known for wine production than others.

Tourism is a big part of the winery business, especially in California’s Napa Valley and certain parts of Washington State.

Combine your winery business with a gift shop or an antique store. You can also add an Airbnb or guided tours of the surrounding area.