Three of the Most Feared Teams in the History Of Sport

There is always one team that dominates its sport regardless of what that sport is. It happens in baseball, basketball, football, and soccer. There are dominant forces in individual sports, such as tennis and swimming. Occasionally, a team that is, on the whole, unstoppable comes along. A team that strikes fear into opponents’ hearts, that wins games, titles, and trophies at an almost unnatural rate. Here are three such ridiculously dominant sports teams through the ages.

Manchester United – 1998-99


Manchester United is one of the most famous soccer teams worldwide. The British club has won the Premier League or old First Division a record 20 times, has 12 FA Cup victories and six League Cups, in addition to winning the UEFA Champions League on three occasions. Although Manchester United is a team in transition and no longer a dominant force in English and European soccer, there was a time when the betting best practices was always to have Man United in your betting selection because they always seemed to win.

The 1998-99 season was the perfect example of this. Having failed to win any silverware during the previous season, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was determined to make amends. And, boy, did he do that. Ferguson guided United to the Premier League title; they also won the FA Cup and staged an epic comeback in the Champions League final against Bayern Munich to win an unprecedented treble, which no other English team has managed to replicate.

In the league, United only lost three games all season and five in total in all competitions. After beating Nottingham Forest 3-0 at United Old Trafford ground on Boxing Day 1998, the “Red Devils” embarked on a 33-game unbeaten streak and swept aside any team that dared stand before them. The 1998-99 Manchester United team was a team like no other in history.

Miami Dolphins – 1972


The 1972 Miami Dolphins team is regularly ranked as the best-ever National Football League (NFL) team of all time. The Dolphins embarked on their third NFL season in 1972, and nobody back then would have dreamed of how the campaign turned out. After a less-than-impressive preseason that saw the Dolphins win three and lose three games, the Dolphins dominated the AFC East in some style.

Not only did the 1972 Miami Dolphins win all 14 of their regular season fixtures, but they also did so while shutting out the Baltimore Colts twice and the New England Patriots once. Preventing the opposition from scoring against you in the NFL is a rarity, so for it to happen three times in 14 games shows how incredible the Dolphins’ defense was.

The Dolphins’ winning streak continued into the playoffs, with victories over the Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, and then the Washington Redskins in the Super Bowl. To this day, the 1972 Dolphins are the only NFL team to win every competitive game they played, including the Super Bowl, in a single season. Bravo.

New York Yankees – 1998


The New York Yankees have fielded some unbelievable teams over the years, but the 1998 Yankees are widely regarded as one of the greatest baseball teams ever. Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera lead the 1998 Yankees to an outstanding 114-48 record, the best record in the Yankees’ long and illustrious history. That record was also an MLB record for three years until the Seattle Mariners went 116-46 in 2001.

The 1998 Yankees not only finished top of the American League, but they also swept the Texas Rangers in the American League Division Series, beat the Cleveland Indians 4-2 to clinch the American League pennant, then defeated the San Diego Padres 4-0 to capture their 24th World Series. Overall, the 1998 Yankees went 125-50, including the postseason, the best-ever MLB record for a World Series-winning team.