Exploring Smoky Mountains Through the Lens: 5 Tips for Photographers

Photography captures everything that our eyes can see and more. The Smoky Mountains are a sight to behold with their vast mountain range and biodiversity. Capturing the beauty of such a place through photography brings joy to those who see the photographs and those who click them. It makes the role of those who click such photographs more important.

The Smoky Mountains have an expanse of land consisting of ancient mountains, fog, animals, and plants. A photographer needs to put in lots of effort for smoky mountain photography. To make this task easier, below are some tips to help photographers capture smoky mountains.

5 Tips For Photographers For The Smoky Mountains For Photographers

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Capturing the beauty of nature is a difficult task, yet photographers put in extensive efforts in the hope of capturing nature. The smoky mountains, as the name suggests, have smoke around them, which can result in them being both good and bad. To ensure that the smoke in the mountain range isn’t a problem and you can click photographs with content, follow the tips given below.

● Take Plenty Of Time While Travelling

When traveling to your destination and photography sites, photographers tend to hurry to take advantage of the time for photography. But it can be hazardous if you were to hurry in terrains filled with smoke, fog, and rocky terrain. Therefore you should take plenty of time to travel carefully in between places and enjoy it to your fullest. You can also click photographs along the way by stopping at a safe place nearby.

If you do not have a vehicle, you can get cars on rent or book a nearby cab. While doing so, make sure to enter the nearest place it can take you to the terrain and explore the area. There are other shuttle services that you can opt for as well, but with the weather and crowd, you should get a private vehicle if possible.

● Visit In The Right Weather

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Visiting In the right weather allows you to capture the beauty of smoky mountains at their peak. In winter most of the places in the smoky mountains are quiet and closed for bookings. The mountains itself does not get heavy snow, but the smoke and density of water in the air are quite high towards the upper region. Also, it’s best to get reservations earlier than last-minute options for the winter.

There is no icy cold in spring, and there is soft sunshine in many parts of the mountain range. It’s perfect for capturing wildflowers, new plants, waterfalls, and mountains with the alluring stretch of fog. You can find different types of flowers blooming in the spring at different heights. In summer, you will only find the traffic, heat, and humidity; therefore, avoid this time of the year.

Autumn is one of those times of the year that you can’t miss in the smoky mountains. The sky gets covered in autumn colors of the tree leaves and bushes, and the cold gusts of wind feel just right. The change in colors is seen near the mid of October; therefore, plan your trip accordingly. If you plan your trip beforehand, you can easily capture the most beautiful moments of the Smoky Mountains at their peak.

● Cover One Place Thoroughly At A Time

Traveling back and forth is difficult, especially in rocky and high-altitude regions. Smoky mountains have rocky, high-altitude regions along with few plains. While the mountain ranges are splendid for their beauty tracing back the places you captured previously can take more time. It can further cause you to spend more time in the places you visited previously to check the similarities.

Instead of roaming through different areas in one region, thoroughly cover one place at a time. It is helpful in completing your itinerary and covering the area uniformly, and photographing it at different times of the day.

● Capture All You Can

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Instead of finding the perfect time and moment to capture a particular moment, photograph all the phenomena that you can, whether it’s a gust of wind through the trees or droplets of water on flowers; photograph as many moments as you can. You can later delete the photographs you do not want but wouldn’t be able to replay a moment again and again to get the shot you like.

Also, visiting higher places is an opportunity that doesn’t come again and again for the same places. Whether it is because of your health or the weather, you might not get to click it again if you miss that moment. So click as many photographs as possible because you won’t be sure which shot you will like more and what your most cherished memory will be.

● Do Proper Research

No matter the weather in the smoky mountains, have accurate information on the environment there before embarking on your journey. There are always chances of weather abnormality, meaning that the weather can be cold or hotter than you expected, affecting the traveling time and conditions. Also, if you do proper research on the place before making your plans and the trip, you will have better information about the condition of the camping grounds, how you can explore the area well, and how heavy the traffic is around that time.

Prior information about the camping grounds gives you time to prepare for the area in which you will be working. Further prior information about the area and traffic give you an idea of how much time you would need for traveling and how you can minimize time wastage by taking other routes.


Smoky Mountains is a beautiful place, and you could take all your time to explore this place. But that doesn’t mean you actually have that much time and equipment. Somehow you make up the equipment you could need; time is something you cannot make up however you want. In such scenarios, the above tips help you in saving your time and help you familiarize yourself with the area.