3 Study Tips for College. How to Write an Essay Fast?

Going back to school as a first-year student can be nerve-wracking – and the pressure to write a good essay can be even more intimidating. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled some helpful essay writing rules that every freshman should know – making the transition to college life just a little bit easier! So, buckle up and get ready to learn the ins and outs of successful essay writing!

How to structure an essay

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Structuring an essay is the most important task a first-year student has to master. Once this skill is acquired, all other aspects of essay writing will become much more manageable. However, if you are struggling with structuring your essay and don’t have time to master the skill, you can always turn to essay writing services for help.

To structure an essay well, there are certain elements that need to be presented in an organized manner. Generally, essays have an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion.

The introduction should capture the reader’s attention by providing a clear and interesting topic sentence and previewing what will come in the following paragraphs. This can be done through outlining key points or offering a unique perspective on the matter at hand. Additionally, it should provide some background context for readers who may not be familiar with the argument being presented.

The body paragraphs should further develop the ideas mentioned in the introduction and contain evidence to support any claims made throughout them. This can include research from various sources as well as personal experiences or observations related to the argument being discussed. It’s important that each paragraph contains only one main idea or point of view so that arguments remain organized and easy for readers to follow along with.

The most important essay writing rules

Whether you are a student at the university level, a recent high school grad, or someone looking to brush up on their writing skills, there are specific essay writing rules every first-year student should know. Understanding these rules can help you gain a better understanding of the expected structure and points when creating essays.

The very first essay writing rule is to clearly understand the purpose of your paper. Why are you writing it? What information do you need to include? Knowing what needs to be included in an essay allows for an organized structure that guides your work. The next essay writing rule is for beginners to choose simple topics that can quickly be researched and understood. Make sure to identify key words and phrases that best describe the subject matter, as this will help guide your research process.

Finally, when it comes time to write an original paper for submission, consider both grammar and spelling mistakes carefully so that professors don’t question the reliability of your material. In preparing drafts, consider successively shortening each sentence until there is no ambiguity left in what is being said—this process also helps eliminate unnecessary content from papers as well! Ask yourself questions such as ‘Have I used active verbs?’ ‘Am I trying too hard with my tone?’ These may seem simple but are crucial steps towards establishing good practice with essay formatting rules early on in academic studies!


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Concluding essays should also make sure to emphasize why your topic was important or significant, while introducing future research ideas that are relevant to the topic. By helping readers understand why your topic was important, you can ensure that they come away from reading with a better understanding of it.