What You Need to Know About Holborn, London?

Holborn is a vibrant neighborhood in the borough of Camden. Nestled between the West End and the City of London districts, it is a bustling place to live and a hotspot for business. If you are interested in visiting the district, or you are just curious about this area of London, here are some key things you should know about Holborn.

A Home of Law

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Holborn is known for its legal district, where a huge number of law firms, barristers’ chambers, and legal institutions are hard at work making sure the district, and the city of London as a whole, are cared for by the rule of law.

Holborn is proud of its connection to the law and even makes that a part of its tourism efforts, with places like the historic Inns of Court, including Lincoln’s Inn and Gray’s Inn, leaning into the legal theme to pay homage to this aspect of the area’s history and industry.

Interesting Industry

Speaking of industry, Holborn is also a wonderful place for businesses both new and old to get some footing and dip into the London markets. After all, Holborn is a central district, meaning it is very close to some of the biggest financial markets in the city, such as the City of London district.

This means that there is always room for new and interesting industry in Holborn, with services such as the workplace company making efforts to ensure that it is easier for new businesses to acquire office spaces in the district to get their businesses going.

Of course, that isn’t to say that there aren’t plenty of older, more established companies in the area as well.

Academia in Holborn

One practically ancient industry that makes its home in Holborn is the industry of academia which thrives in this district thanks to its proximity to prestigious academic institutions, such as the London School of Economics and Political Science, University College London, and the University of London (in fact, Holborn even houses the main campus of the School of Oriental and African Studies).

The presence and proximity of these amazing academic institutions means that the district is thriving with student life, and all of the incredible things that come along with it.

A Hotspot for Entertainment

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One great thing that comes with the constant buzz of student life in Holborn is the high level of entertainment options. After all, if there is one thing that you can always expect from students, it is a desire to fill their days with anything other than their studies.

There are plenty of amazing entertainment options and attractions in and around Holborn, from the New London Theatre to a bustling nightlife, the Museum of London is even nearby in Bloomsbury.

Of course, if you are going to make the most of your time in Holborn, you are going to have to spend some time travelling around Hatton Garden, an amazing street and one of the best places in London to spend an hour looking around.