The Art of Smart Shopping: 8 Hacks to Save Money Online

Consumer prices have increased by 8.5 percent as of March 2022, as per the Consumer Price Index. It implies that every item purchased will cost at least 8.5 percent higher. They were saving money when shopping had never been more crucial given this.

Many consumers assert that they make more purchases online than in physical stores. Whether one indulges in heaving shopping through online or use it occasionally, everyone loves to get the best deal whenever shopping.

The list below illustrates several highly effective techniques when purchasing from online retailers, websites, e-commerce, and any virtual store to assist customers with that.

8 Hacks to Save More for Online Shopping

1. Place the Items in The Cart


This is what one should do if they find a specific product or thing that they truly wish to buy:

  • Check out the website of the firm.
  • Make sure to use the original email address when registering for an account.
  • Add the merchandise to the cart.
  • Exit from the site.

Businesses genuinely want to close the deal since they know that cart abandonment costs them money. They keep a watch on the abandoned carts for that reason. Many businesses will email their customers to remind them about that product. After opening that email, one could be surprised to see a special discount or voucher!

2. Take Advantage of Cashback Websites

Cashback websites collaborate with online merchants to offer back a percentage of the purchase. The sum is between 2 to 7 percent, which may not seem like much, but it adds up over time. The most important thing is always to remember to use the cashback website when shopping.

With a low payout threshold of only $5, cashback websites offer some of the highest percentages of cashback accessible. Once signing up for the account and spending $20, the user’s account will receive a $20 credit. On some websites, one can earn $10 in cashback after signing up.

3. Use Discount Codes to Get The Best Deal


One can save money during online purchases by utilizing promotion codes, often available on most websites, especially well-known retailers. This is similar to using coupons in physical stores. The codes can help reduce the item’s cost by 10% to 25%, which adds to big savings!

Usually, one can find the offer codes on the cashback website or various store websites. One can also stack coupons on some websites. For instance, one can combine a coupon code for a percentage off with one for free shipping.

4. Avoid Shipping Fees

If one is cautious, one can frequently shop online without paying for shipping. Sometimes all it requires is a little perseverance. Many websites have minimum order requirements for free shipping. Others will run regular sales, during which one can receive free shipping on any order.

On some websites, saving 3 to 5% on each purchase is easy while receiving free shipping on all orders. Paying for an Amazon Prime subscription can be useful when purchasing on Amazon frequently. Free 2-day shipping is one of the perks for all orders.

5. Do Not Purchase From iOS Devices


Many individuals involved in online sales can verify that retailers have a method of determining the type of device you are using to browse.

In this sense, people having an Apple product are inclined toward more expensive stuff and find it harder to get discounts since they appear to have more spending power. To improve one’s chances of finding a deal, use an Android phone and Windows device for shopping.

6. Check out Social Media

Remarketing is a popular strategy firms use to draw customers in addition to cart recovery. This implies that they follow the user’s habits on other websites when visiting, such as social media sites. The fact that there are advertisements for the items one has searched for on other pages during a visit after leaving a shopping platform may have already been brought to one’s attention.

The sites offer high discounts to persuade the users to ultimately purchase the product. So, one needs to visit a website, do extensive research, and check different social media sites for saving money. So, if discount advertisements show up, return and finish the transaction.

7. It is Important to Consider the Ideal Time for Shopping


On some days of the week, customer traffic is significantly lower than on other days. On certain days like Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, customer service staff will put extra effort to boost sales. Demand is higher on other days, and discounts are typically negatively correlated.

Sellers strive their best to meet the goal and provide discounts, free shipping coupons, vouchers, and various other incentives.

With less traffic, the members assigned to the online chat can give their full attention to the users thereby, improving the chances of finding a fantastic deal on the item. Because most customers are online on weekends, one should purchase before checking out during those times.

8. Get the Honey App for Online Purchase


When making an online purchase, always perform a Google search to check for any residual coupons. However, an app named Honey takes care of this automatically now. After a fast installation, the Honey app extension will use the best coupon it can discover when checking out, saving time and money by avoiding the need to conduct a Google search.

Browse the editor’s choices section for discounts up to 40%. Honey provides cash back shopping in addition to coupons, and it can notify when the price of an item one wants to buy drops.



In 2023, saving money when purchasing online will be more crucial than ever. Since the pandemic, people have become accustomed to seeing empty shelves in their neighborhood shops. For most, using online shopping platforms is their only option.

One doesn’t have to spend a fortune to buy the things one requires, even though that could mean paying more. To help in saving more money this year, make use of the online buying advice and strategies that have been stated above.