Shake It Up: Tips and Tricks for Perfectly Mixed Drinks

Do you ever enjoy your cocktail and think about how difficult it could be to mix the drinks and get that beautiful taste you really like? The truth is, you need to train your skills and learn how to combine different beverages. But, what can really go wrong?

First, you risk creating something like Harry Potter’s poly juice potion, which looked horrific. You don’t like a brownish cocktail, even if it tastes nice. You must create drink bombs that are satisfying for the eyes and taste at the same time.

So, what it takes to do that, and make colorful and tasty mixed drinks?

These are our useful tips:

1. Start with the right tools


You can’t even think about mixing a drink if you don’t have some of the basic tools for that. We suggest you invest in some of the necessary tools for mixing drinks, such as a cocktail shaker, mixing glass, jigger, strainer, and muddler.

2. Use fresh ingredients to enhance the taste

Besides alcoholic beverages, you need to use other beverages to mix the drink and create a drinkable creation. The truth is, fresh ingredients can make a huge difference. Use fresh fruits, herbs, and juices whenever possible.

3. Measure your ingredients before putting them in the shaker


The secret of successfully prepared mixed drinks? The measures! Ensure you use a jigger or measuring cup to add the right amount of every ingredient. Sometimes just a drop makes a difference, so it’s better to measure until you get used to the quantities.

4. Shake or stir – James Bond style

Different cocktails require different methods of mixing. Usually, the cocktails with citrus juice are shaken, while cocktails made with only spirits are stirred. You know, the James Bond style requirements. When shaking, use a firm, controlled motion and shake for about 10-15 seconds. You can learn it at the mixology academy for sure.

5. Use the right amount of ice

Not every cocktail is made equally. That means they require different amounts of ice or even different shapes. For example, small ice cubes are great for shaking, while larger ones are better for stirring. You can even use crushed ice for frozen cocktails.

6. Never over-dilute your mixed drink


Sometimes the customer requires more juice or wants to replace some ingredients. You can experiment with dilution for sure, but it’s always better to stick to the recipe. When you add too much juice, you risk losing the authentic taste. Over-diluting your cocktails can ruin their flavor. Use the right amount of ice too, and don’t over-shake or over-stir the drink.

7. Garnish the drink to make it more appealing

A great garnish can elevate your cocktail looks to the next level. And people love to be visually pleased, especially when it comes to food and drinks. Do that for them, and you can even charge a higher price they’ll be glad to pay.

And finally – never stop learning. Mixing drinks is an inspirational activity, and you always have something new to learn. We must note that professional cocktail makers are really appreciated in the industry, so if you like the idea – go for it!