How to Keep Your Lawn Weed-Free this Summer – 2023 Guide

A lush, green lawn is a beautiful sight to behold, but weeds can quickly spoil the effect. Weeds can choke out your grass, making it look patchy and unsightly. They can also steal the nutrients and water your grass needs to grow healthy and strong. Fortunately, with a little effort and planning, you can keep your property weed-free this summer. Here’s how:

Start with a Healthy Lawn

The best defense against weeds is a healthy yard. A healthy lawn will have thick, dense grass that crowds out weeds and doesn’t leave any room for them to grow. To achieve a healthy yard, you need to provide it with the right nutrients, water, and sunlight. Regular fertilization, watering, and mowing can help keep your lawn strong and healthy.

Mow Your Lawn Properly

Mow Your Lawn

Proper lawn care starts with mowing your lawn properly. When you mow your grounds too short, it can stress the grass and make it more susceptible to weeds. To avoid this, set your mower blade to the highest setting and mow your yard regularly. This will help keep the grass healthy and thick, which will make it harder for weeds to grow.

Water Your Lawn Deeply

If you are looking for professional lawn care near Argyle, it’s important to remember that proper grounds care starts with mowing your yard properly. When you hire a lawn care service, make sure they understand the importance of setting the mower blade to the highest setting and mowing your property regularly. This will ensure that your grass stays healthy and thick, making it harder for weeds to grow.

Use the Right Fertilizer


Using the right fertilizer can help keep your lawn healthy and weed-free. Look for a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen, as this will encourage the growth of healthy grass. Avoid fertilizers that are high in phosphorus, as these can encourage the growth of weeds.

Control Weeds Early

If you do spot weeds on your property, it’s essential to control them early. Weeds can spread quickly, so it’s important to remove them as soon as possible. You can pull weeds by hand or use a weed killer. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully when using a weed killer, as some products can harm your property if not used properly.

Hire a Professional


If you don’t have the time or expertise to keep your yard weed-free, consider hiring a professional grounds care service. They have the knowledge, tools, and experience to keep your property healthy and free from weeds all summer long. A professional can save you time and effort while providing a beautiful yard.


In conclusion, a beautiful, weed-free yard takes effort and care. By following these tips, you can keep your lawn healthy and free from weeds all summer long. Remember to start with a healthy lawn, mow your property properly, water it deeply, use the right fertilizer, control weeds early, and consider hiring a professional grounds to care service. With a little work, you can enjoy lush, green grounds all season long.