Getting Ready for University – Planning and Preparation

Attending university and getting your bachelor’s or master’s degree will be life changing. It may be something you have wanted to do for many years, or it may be a fairly recent dream or ambition you hold. Realizing your dream and preparing for university takes time and commitment. Getting the grades and choosing where you want to go takes time. Whether you are studying online or you are studying on campus, you want to be as prepared. When you invest your time and energy into preparation you can then enjoy your time at university.

Deciding Which University You Want to Attend


The first thing that you must do is decide which university you want to attend. Do you want to state local to your home or place of work? Or are you looking at attending in another state? Are there universities that offer the program or degree you want in your local area – or do you need to look further afield? There are lots of universities to choose from and slimming down the shortlist is essential. To do this, you must compare what each university can offer you in terms of your education and your future. Does the degree or program cover the key areas you want to focus on? Is university invested in your future and in your personal growth and development?

Meeting the Universities Requirements

After deciding which university you wish to attend, you then have to be sure you meet the entrance and admission requirements. Being mindful of each university’s requirements is essential as they can differ. For example, Full Sail University requirements may be different to Harvard. If you have your heart set on a university, you need to ensure you can get a place. Also, check when entrance/admission dates are as some universities offer multiple dates throughout the year.

Preparing to Switch Your Energy to Studying


If you are moving on to university or taking a break from work to return to studying, you are going to need to switch the energy and output you have. Studying at university requires a great deal of energy, focus and time commitment on your part. If you do not have this, then you may not get the most out of your studies. You may find that it helps to set goals and targets for your studies, and for your future, to ensure you can generate the energy you need.

Finding Your Motivation and Direction

Studying over a prolonged period, and maintaining focus on your future is going to require a great deal of motivation. If you do not have the direction or motivation, you will lose sight of your goals and you will struggle to realize your potential. Setting targets and goals for the short term, and for the long-term as well is going to help you establish which direction you want to move in. It is also going to help you stay motivated on those days when you feel overwhelmed, tired, or even frustrated. Building your motivation and direction into your daily mindset and approach to university will prove worthwhile.