How Do You Conduct Organizational Research?

When you’re planning a project or trying to make a decision, it’s important to have as much information as possible. But gathering all that data can be time-consuming and sometimes difficult. That’s where organizational research comes in! Organizational research is the process of collecting, analyzing, and synthesizing information from various sources in order to better … Read more

Important Steps to Kick Start Security Workforce Automation

Today’s security companies must adjust to the demands due to surging security vulnerabilities and rapidly changing customer requirements. Read on to learn how to launch new security workforce automation.  Over three decades have passed since the first PC-targeted malicious software (malware) known as “Brain.A” appeared in 1986. Today, security professionals continue to help companies from … Read more

3 Benefits of Airport Meet and Greet Services for Business Travelers

A lot of people travel for business, but many don’t realize that they can also take advantage of airport Meet and Greet services. These services not only make it easy for travelers to connect with potential clients, but they can also save them time by doing introductions and helping them get organized before their flight. … Read more