Sustainably Sourced Nutrition: Kendamil Baby Formula

In the modern world, care about health and ecology become more and more common. Parents start to pay attention to the products that come to the dining table and the baby’s plate. Children are the future, so the choice of baby’s food has a great influence on their health and growth environment. When it comes to the choice of sustainably sourced nutrition – Kendamil baby formula is an incredible variant. Why? You are just about to find this out.

Kendamil: Natural nutrition from the birth


The first months of life are critically important for a baby’s development. The immune system, digestive tract, and many other key systems in a baby’s body are formed during exactly this very period. That is why one of the most essential parents’ tasks is to provide their little ones with all the necessary things for their health, growth, and development. Kendamil baby formula is a real breakthrough in the field of baby food. The process of formula production and bringing it to the modern level took 60 years for the company. The process was built to make Kendamil baby food closer to nature. The manufacturing process is diligently monitored and prioritizes traceability, sustainability, and knowing from start to finish.

Ecological pureness as a priority

The basic ideology of the company during the production of the Kendamil formula is an understanding of ecologically pure ingredients. The Company cooperates with the farmers, who pay special attention to the quality of animal feed and the conditions of their keeping. It allows the milk of the highest quality, which is the basis of the formula. Moreover, Kendamil produces the lowest carbon footprint in the baby formula industry, as the manufacturing facilities are powered by 100% renewable energy.

Natural variety of nutrients

What makes Kendamil so special? It is the formula that aims to be as close as possible to breast milk by its components. The formula contains not only basic nutrients such as protein, fats, and carbohydrates but also vitamins, minerals, and biologically active ingredients. It allows little ones to develop harmoniously during the first months of life. What is more about Kendamil’s uniqueness is that high-quality baby formula uses whole milk as a natural fat source to reduce the addition of additives like palm oil, palm kernel, and vegetable oils. It is really a one-of-a-kind formula. It contains naturally occurring Human Milk Oligosaccharides, which are very important for an infant’s immune system.

Which formulas does Kendamil have in the assortment?


Kendamil Stage 1 Organic First Infant Milk Formula (800g) is the first choice for newborns who cannot eat breast milk. The formula has all the necessary nutrients that can be naturally found in breast milk. Brand Kendamil has its own facilities where raw EU-certified organic milk is produced into formula powder. The key nutrients of this formula are full cream milk, which is a natural source of fat, nucleotides, taurine, and ARA. Moreover, the formula does not consist of palm or fish oil. The brand uses a sustainable vegetable oil mixture and plant-based DHA derived from algae, which makes it a healthy vegetarian-friendly formula.

Also, there are Kendamil Stage 2 (6-12 Months) Organic Milk Formula (800g) and Kendamil Stage 3 (12+ Months) Organic Milk Formula (800g). The formulas of these stages are the same quality exactly as the ones for newborns. They have no soy, gluten, palm oil, harmful chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, or GMOs.

Also, the brand has Classic Cow Formulas. They are designed for different ages:

  • Kendamil Stage 1 (0-6 Months) Classic First Infant Milk Formula (800g);
  • Kendamil Stage 2 (6-12 Months) Classic Milk Formula (900g);
  • Kendamil Stage 3 (12+ Months) Classic Milk Formula (800g).

These formulas are something parents expect from a classic label. The formulas are reliable and easy to use. They contain ingredients that support the baby’s growth and give optimal nutrition. The formulas contain the same ingredients as the organic ones, but they do not come from organic farms.

Both Classic and Organic Kendamil formulas are divided into 3 stages for babies of different ages. It was made to satisfy an infant’s nutrition requirement during various stages of development. Every stage reflects the natural changes in breast milk over nursing.

Love and care in every portion

The Kendamil team understands that nutrition is not just a matter of receiving some nutrients; it is also a matter of care, which should be in every portion of the formula. That is why the process of production is strictly controlled from the moment of choosing the ingredients to the moment of packaging ready-to-use products. Every Kendamil can is the result of top-quality specialists who strive to provide the best for little ones. As a matter of fact, Kendamil is a European brand from the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, it is approved by the FDA. What is more, Kendamil was the first supplier who was approved as part of Operation Fly Formula. As a result, this initiative allowed the FDA to approve imported formulas and bring them to the American market.

Make a choice in favor of the future


The choice of a baby’s formula is one of the most important decisions for new parents. A baby’s health, growth, development, and future in general depend on this choice. Kendamil Baby Formula gives parents the opportunity to give their children natural, sustainable nutrition right from the start.


The care about the surrounding world starts with the things we choose for our children. Kendamil Baby Formula is not just a means of nutrition. It is also the way to a healthy future because the baby’s health is Kendamil’s concern! Discover the world of natural nutrition for your little one with Kendamil baby formula. Kendamil is about the innovative approach mixed with care for nature and the environment. It is a safe and eco-conscious formula brand. The clean ingredients in these formulas will be the fuel for the baby. Open the way for your baby to natural, environmentally friendly nutrition today – because Kendamil takes baby’s nutrition very seriously and never gives up on quality.