Healthy Work in The Home Office and Office: That’s Why It’s Important!

Working in the home office or office is often accompanied by many sitting phases. Over time, this can lead to back, neck or shoulder discomfort. Those who struggle with problems and tensions in the back area know how strenuous the work can be. The thoughts are hardly about orders, phone calls or good customer service anymore. Rather, the focus is on pain. To avoid this, it is important to bring regular exercise into everyday office life. This means that there will be no complaints in the future.

This Is Why a Healthy Workplace Is Important for Everyday Working Life

A well-designed workplace in the office or home office promotes productivity and is also good for health. However, many employees or self-employed do not work at a standing desk or sit on ergonomic office chairs. They choose the kitchen table or the sofa to work. This can have fatal consequences on the back. Especially since the coronavirus pandemic, people have come to appreciate working in the home office. It is possible: Working in your own four walls – but at what price? Work may well become a burden if working conditions are poor rather than good.

Most employees or self-employed people spend more than just a few minutes on their laptops or computers. They answer emails for hours, talk to colleagues and customers, and check orders. Over time, a bad job can affect both the body and the mind or work performance. It is therefore important to remedy this situation as quickly as possible and to use high-quality work tools.

Background: One of three people working in an office or home office suffers from health problems over time. In addition to tension in the back, many people also complain of headaches. These complaints are mostly due to unhealthy work at the workplace. People who do not make changes make the problem worse.

Ergonomics Is so Important in The Workplace

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Humans are made to move. It is therefore very important to take different poses every day. Sitting for hours in one alignment is anything but healthy and harms concentrated work. For this to succeed, a few tips and hints are helpful.

  • Sitting properly: Many people complain of back pain or headaches when working while sitting. This is often due to a crooked or unfavorable sitting posture. This leads to tensions, which can lead to heavy loads. Therefore, it is very important to take the right position in the workplace. Both table and office chair have to be adapted to your own body. The thighs and lower legs as well as the upper and lower arms form a right angle. The arms lie loosely on the desk when working. The head is also aligned to the monitor. If this posture is maintained, there will be fewer complaints in the neck, between the shoulder blades and in the crotch.
  • Regular exercise: Although sitting is still the best way to do office work, it is very important to bring regular exercise into everyday work. A standing desk, which is adjustable in height, allows you to stand while working. These tables can be adjusted individually and relieve the back after hours of sitting excellently. It is also possible to stand up during phone calls or conference calls and shake your legs and arms. The human back enjoys regular movement. Therefore, it is necessary to change the position from time to time.
  • Conveniently align the screen: Most people in the office look at monitors for hours. This is necessary in order to be able to do various jobs. But a good, high-quality screen and the position in which it is positioned are crucial for a healthy way of working. If the monitor is not positioned correctly, it can strain the neck and neck. In addition, if it is an old device, the eyes can also get tired quickly. A correct distance must also be maintained. The distance between the monitor and the eyes should be between 40 and 80 centimetres. Thus, the eyes remain protected and there is less nerve-wracking headaches.
  • Creating a harmonious environment: Where people feel comfortable, they can also work excellently. In order for this to work, care must be taken to create a pleasant atmosphere in the work area. The room temperature is ideal, the area is bright and well lit. In addition, the working environment is best kept calm. In this way, it is possible to complete various work processes to the fullest satisfaction.

With These Tips an Optimal Work-Life Balance in The Office and Home Office Is Possible

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However, healthy working in the office or home office requires much more than maintaining an optimal posture. For many people, everyday work is a real burden. However, it does not have to be. There are certainly ways to make everyday work more pleasant and to keep your body and mind healthy.

  • Keeping breaks: Breaks are essential. They are intended for breathing and should be done outside the workplace. However, this is difficult for many people. You want to complete mails, close documents or make phone calls. They forget to take time off, which, however, can have a negative impact on work performance. If you don’t take breaks, you’re more likely to make mistakes. The mind must be allowed to switch off in order to develop new ideas or to work in a concentrated manner. That’s why it’s helpful to block appointments using the calendar or to send notifications using apps that remind you of breaks. A walk in the home or in the fresh air helps to come up with new thoughts that will help you get started in everyday work.
  • Eating enough: Many people forget to eat healthy and adequate food in the heat of battle. However, a quick bite here or there is often not enough to supply the body and mind with nutrients. It is very important to get enough fluids. This not only makes tea or coffee, but also water or diluted juices. Healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables, nuts or dried fruits also provide valuable fibre and vitamins that are beneficial for health.
  • Schedule stretching exercises: It is necessary for the musculoskeletal system to take different positions in the course of everyday work. Stretching exercises can help to give the head, arms or legs or the torso a break. This prevents stiffness and tension, makes you satisfied and optimizes successful everyday work.