6 Industries That Benefit From CNC Machining

Manufacturers indulged in providing high-speed manufacturing with added benefits of complete automation and ultra-high precision often turned to the benefits of CNC machining. As a result, CNC machining has excellent services, which is why it is recommended in various manufacturing industries.

Before exploring the benefits to various industries, let’s understand the idea behind CNC machining.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. You can find it for manufactural use in a machining shop. The manufacturing process helps to create the final product while removing the extra material with the help of a cutting tool. Different kinds of CNC machines offer various cutting tool options that are helpful in a vast range of jobs and applications.

6 Beneficial Industries From CNC Machining

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If you want to develop a good understanding of CNC machining, let’s go across the functioning of various industries and the use of this technology.

Aerospace Industry

So, the first industry that is turning to CNC machining is the aerospace industry. Various requirements arise during the functioning of the aerospace industry, which can be fulfilled with the help of the CNC machining process. The industry develops sturdy materials for construction and other gadgets.

Owing to its use, this industry focuses on significant factors like quality control and safety. Hence, to get the sought thing, precision machining is a sureshot requirement. CNC fills the pocket like no other. Here are some products of this industry with the help of CNC that are as follows:

Airfoils and manifolds

• Antennae and landing gear

• Bushing and electrical connectors

• Radiofrequency suppression materials

• The machining process helps this industry deliver what is expected of it.

The Automation Experts

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Another primary user of the CNC machining process is the experts in the automation industry. The process renders its advantages at various stages, be it the prototyping in the R&D department for producing large quantities of the different demanded parts.

Additionally, CNC works on different kinds of machines and metals and plastics in the automotive industry. For example, the combustion engine uses this for various functions, including large metal blocks, usually made of aluminum, into the engine body panels. Also, they are used for crafting cylinders and pistons to create a cylinder assembly within the engine’s block.

The CNC machining process helps in the functioning of the following automotive components:

• Gearbox and has gauges

• Valves and axles

• Cylinder blocks

• Dashboard panels

Marine Works

The following industry which is showing a significant reliance on the use of CNC machining is the marine industry. It is undeniable that this industry finds its support in high-quality craftsmanship. It is because marine works are related to water transportation, an essential means of travel across the globe. When dealing with such a massive demand quantum, you need quality automation to fulfill the deadlines and manage controls. For this, you need to turn to CNC machining.

CNC machining, along with others like electrical discharge machining and lathes, helps to create various parts of the boat, which compete with the construction process. Be it the hull to interior trimming, it has some role to play in each step which results in the proper making of the boat for a smooth run on various water bodies. In addition, there are other components that can be attained through this process that are mentioned as follows:

• Deck and hull structures

• Ribs and stringers

• Joints, trimmings, and interior furnishings like cabinets for storage, wraparound seating, and countertops for the kitchen.


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When you opt for advanced CNC machining, you are enhancing your ability to efficiently and consistently handle construction activities at a small scale to match the market standards and deliverables. For instance, if you are dealing in laptops and phones and are planning to go for the metal alloy casing. It would help if you had CNC machining in this scenario. Also, the use of CNC is not limited to external use. It helps in meeting the internal requirements of the customer products. It is used for the production of any of the following in the electronic industry:

• Electronic components, housing, and jigs

•Heat sinks

• The manufacturing process of semiconductors like solder flex stencils and wafer carriers

Smartphones – It’s Internal And External

Although smartphones fall into the consumer electronics range, they are being discussed separately, as CNC machining is exclusively used to make various parts of a smartphone. Apart from the external construction, there are many features in a smartphone that are achieved with the help of this process. Be it the surface finish or the touch-sensitive screen, and there are many things that this technology helps with.

CNC helps in the following smartphone parts:

• The bodies of the smartphone, which can be of metal or plastic

• The cases of the phone

• Screens and rear glass panels

• Aesthetic etching and other supported accessories

Military And Defense

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Any country’s military and defense sectors are essential, so there should be no comparisons in manufacturing anything they demand. Also, the requirements of this industry are similar to that of the aerospace industry; hence, CNC machining requirement is also common. Apart from the superficial parts, such departments focus on procuring complex machinery. Its main idea is to ensure a considerable degree of innovation with the materials and sophistication of the equipment being manufactured on demand.

The CNC system application in this sector is quite huge and is an integral part of the intricate designs for weapon bodies. They help in the customization process, too. CNC is used in this industry in the following:

• Clamshells and flanges

• Transmission parts and missile components

• Retainer rings

• Couplers and main rotor hubs

• Seat frames for air and land transportation sources

• Ammunition hoisting components and parts


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Hence, CNC machining is a mushrooming thing finding its application across various industries and platforms. Apart from the ones discussed above, the use is also prominent in the healthcare and energy industry. The services are vast, and indirect or direct use benefits industry expansion. Hence, it is a consideration for sure.