Suzy Favor Hamilton | Testimonials

We were blessed to have Suzy as a keynote speaker for one of our events where – with wisdom, compassion, and authenticity – she shared her story of living with bipolar disorder and her journey through recovery.

Her message is a powerful one: we must have hope and recognize that the key to recovery is a society that seeks to understand and tries to engage individuals by meeting them where they are in their illness. Thank you, Suzy!

Lindsay Wallace from Executive Director – National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Dane County

Mental health impacts all of us in one way or another. Suzy Favor Hamilton is able to deliver a story and a message that leaves her audience recognizing the need for compassion and understanding as well as advocacy.

At first blush, not many people would say they are impacted by mental illness but after hearing Suzy’s message, you can’t help but realize that family members, colleagues and children in our schools need and deserve support and services to manage, just like any other illness. Suzy is humble, relatable and certainly genuine in how she talks about the impact her illness has had on those she loves.

She compels us all to not ignore the signs and to be a partner with those who are suffering so they get the services they need. Our audience was captivated by Suzy!

Tammy Gibbons from Director of Professional Development at Association of Wisconsin School Administrators

Suzy is an excellent speaker whose easy-going manner, unique story narrative, and considerable personal appeal hold an audience’s attention throughout. Even in a large setting, she comes across as a friend or neighbor, with a relaxed, approachable, honest, and open manner about all her strengths and flaws.

She quickly breaks down barriers between her and her audience, taking that audience through both the highs and lows of her life’s story – including the challenges she faced as a youngster that helped lead to her career in running, as one of the world’s top competitive runners, and as a woman coming to terms with her mental health challenges while being outed for her secret life as a Las Vegas call girl.

She doesn’t ever flinch from the tough questions that arise from her narrative. Instead, she addresses them in a straightforward and engaging way, with doses of both humor and good spirit when appropriate. As a result, she is ultimately someone to whom a general audience can relate and for whom it can root – because she offers a real, ongoing, and believable narrative of recovery and achievement that is especially meaningful for those who face their own mental health challenges.

Paul Gionfriddo from President & CEO Mental Health America

Suzy Favor Hamilton was the keynote speaker for the Community Education Day hosted by the Lindner Center of HOPE on May 7, 2017. Her courageous remarks about her struggle with bipolar disorder and her honestly in recounting its impact on her life made an enormous impression on the 360 people in the audience. As a mental health professional, I was humbled by the power of her words and her passionate advocacy to conquer stigma. It was an honor to meet her.

Paul E Keck, Jr., MD from President-CEO, Lindner Center of HOPE & Lindner Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Suzy is an amazing speaker. She brings her vast experiences and energy to audiences around the world. I have worked with Suzy in school districts and have seen first-hand how her motivational message impacts both students and staff. She is truly amazing!

Steve Lyons from President at Wisconsin Growth Capital Coalition

Suzy was the featured speaker at our Nami CCNS gala this year, and she was wonderful. From the moment she arrived, she captivated everyone with her smile and friendliness. During the evening before her speech, she interacted with the guests, answering questions and sharing laughs.

When she spoke, you found have heard a pin drop as everyone stopped talking to their guests to hear her unbelievable story. Suzy is beautiful, both inside and out. Her presence at an event will make the evening spectatulat. Five stars for Suzy!!

Patricia Rodbro – President NAMI CCNS from President at NAMI CCNS