Pain Relief 101: Tips and Techniques for Soothing Wisdom Tooth Discomfort

Your health is your biggest asset, and you should do everything possible to help improve it and deal with any issues. While ensuring the best of one’s health, people often underestimate a common area: their mouth and tooth health. This ease leads to a painful tooth one day, which makes it difficult to do anything in the day before getting it treated.

A common problem in tooth health is the pain a person endures when a wisdom tooth develops in the mouth. It is a painful time, and you should do everything you can to soothe the discomfort you experience. The first step is to set up an appointment with a Collegeville orthodontist.

Further, you can do different things at home and with the dentist’s recommendation. Let’s discuss some of them.

  • The Painkiller Prescription

While dealing with any ailment, the basic recommendation is to opt for a painkiller. The pain becomes unbearable when it comes to the mouth, and you have to deal with it with the right medication. Many common medicines are taken during this treatment, but you should always discuss them with your dentist. You must cater to your present medical condition and take this decision accordingly.

You can ask the expert about the dosage, whether it must be taken before or after the treatment. Also, you can seek advice related to other instructions that can help to relieve pain. You can use the numbing gel after the extraction as it helps in soothing the painful area. But, if you do it without any recommendation, you should communicate it to your dentist.

  • Mouth Rinses


It is a constant tip that you can follow every day also. The remedy for mouth rinsing is simple. You can use salt water and let it do the magic inside your mouth. It is recommended that you use warm water in this scenario. The water should swish in your mouth for 30 seconds to one minute before you spit it out.

You can do it multiple times in a day. However, using warm water can aggravate the issue if you have severe pain or swelling. In the worst-case scenario, you should talk to your dentist.

  • Elevating The Head While Sleeping

Blood flow inside the body is an easy yet underrated remedy. Many people forget that the body’s internal functioning has a major role in the healing process, and the same is true for wisdom tooth pain also. In this case, the only difference is that you have to prevent the blood from moving anywhere near the treated area. The remedy will help even if you have got the tooth extracted.

You should not allow the blood to rush straight to the head as it will add to the pain or swelling. So, the best solution is to elevate your head with a bigger pillow after treatment. You can use an extra pillow for head upliftment. It helps the body drain the blood away from the extracted area as it will reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

  • Treatment

Sometimes, the impacted area can impede oral hygiene practices that can cause major issues to the gum. The situation might worsen, and the pain can reach the next level. When you see that such a situation is arising, you should not delay the visit to your dentist or take the situation lightly.

You should immediately begin the gum treatment and get professional cleaning done. It is an ideal step that will help in reducing further complications. Cleaning helps remove any tartar and plaque accumulation in the mouth. Their presence helps to reduce the aches, pain, and bleeding. Apart from that, you can constantly use ice packs to help reduce swelling on the outer cheek.

  • Watch Your Food Intake


If you are suffering from pain or undergoing treatment for wisdom tooth extraction, you should pay attention to your eating patterns. You should avoid using solid foods and also avoid eating too many spices. The best way to solve this issue is by ensuring the intake of soft food items. You can eat semi-solids that can help in the healing process.

  • See What’s In Your Kitchen

Researches show that cloves have proven effective to help in reducing wisdom tooth pain. A study was conducted in 206, which shows that cloves are inbuilt with numbing effect, and hence, they act as a topical pain reliever. You can use raw clove or can also use clove oil. Apart from that, you can also use olive oil which has healing properties.

Another study conducted in 2007 shows that onions can help because they are filled with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps reduce swelling around the treated area and fight bacterial infections. Another study revolving around tea bags shows that they also have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce swelling and fight infections.

Useful Tips To Avoid A Wisdom Tooth Pain Before Time


When the wisdom tooth issue is coming through or you have an extraction, there are some practical things you should do before undergoing the process. It helps prevent gum infection and ensures you endure less pain during and after the treatment. The tips are as follows:

  • You should cater to your oral hygiene requirements and take steps to improve the same. Apart from brushing, you should also do flossing and use a mouthwash that can help reduce bacteria propelling in the mouth.
  • Hydration is a must every day, but you should drink water, especially if you are experiencing symptoms related to wisdom pain. Also, good water intake helps in flushing the food particles stuck in different corners of the mouth and the bacteria that tend to develop between the teeth and gums.
  • If you have broken gums or sensitive teeth, you should avoid sugary food at all costs. It helps in reducing the bacteria growth inside the mouth.


These remedies help in soothing any kind of discomfort that is a result of a wisdom tooth coming up or its extraction. These are short-term solutions that can help you get relief from the pain. You should communicate every step you take to your dentist as they have experience dealing with such problems and will render the right solution for you. They can give you advice related to all the long-term reliefs, too.