Life Coaching

I always say, when others know you have been through some “stuff,” they tend to see you as safe, trusting, and someone who they can share their own stuff with. It’s been a fascinating realization. Well, safe to say, I’ve had my share of stuff, and as a result, whether it’s in person, or via email or social media, I hear from A LOT of people. How many times do I hear, “I’ve never told this to anybody?”

I have an intimate understanding of the power of sharing one’s story, perhaps for the very first time. Perhaps one’s intimate secrets. Perhaps one’s alternative lifestyle. Perhaps one’s depression or anxiety. Things one may feel shame or embarrassment in telling another. For me, nothing shocks me. I’ve heard it all. I mean, if you’ve lived the life I’ve led, it’s hard to top me. I’m the last to judge, after all I’m flawed as hell, and rather proud of it.

I know how terrifying it was to share my story. My falling in the Olympics, my suicidal thoughts and attempts, my feelings of inadequacy as a mother, wife, runner and worker, my deteriorating marriage, my struggle with body image and eating disorder, my escorting, my resulting shame, my diagnosis, my addictions, and my recovery. But I also know how liberating it was to own my story as opposed to letting it own me. To talk about it, to a therapist, or to a stranger. To gain perspective. I know how therapeutic that was for me. How it helped me move forward. Feeling like you have a trusting friend to confide in is powerful stuff. One who’s been there and can relate. Who gets it.

Through life coaching, my desire is to help you like I helped myself. I tend to focus on the following areas…

  • Thriving after rock bottom moments
  • Overcoming shame, whether sex related or not
  • Taking your power back
  • Owning your story and showing up as your truest self
  • Embracing your sexuality and unleashing your sacred rebel
  • Finding purpose and your passions in life
  • Falling in love with yourself and being comfortable in your own skin
  • Achieving the freedom to not care what others think
  • Resetting your life and re-finding the sparkle that has dimmed over time

It can be a simple sit down, or a phone or video conversation, or can even incorporate running, yoga or hiking. You cannot underestimate the power of a hike in the Grand Canyon for example. I seek to expose others to the things that have helped me become the person I always wanted to be, but never thought I could. I want to help others be their best selves. To achieve an awakening! That’s my desire. That’s my goal.

What They’re Saying

Suzy is a special person.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I first reached out to her for life coaching, but looking back I am so glad I did.  It didn’t take me very long for me to recognize that she is genuine and caring and I felt she truly had my best interest at heart.  She fostered a relationship of trust where I felt completely comfortable to talk freely about my past and my challenges with mental health.  She never judged and listened intently.  Furthermore, she really understands the monumental challenges of mental illness, including the truly dark and scary aspects of it.  Having someone to talk to that truly understands is in itself therapeutic.  Beyond all that, her coaching and suggestions for a better life were really tailored for my personal circumstance.  She challenged me and gave me inspiration to make life changes and become more self-accepting.  She shared with me her perspectives which were insightful and enlightening.  For anyone out there that has mental health challenges and is striving for recovery, stability and wellness, I highly recommend having Suzy as your life coach.

Hankfrom Wyoming Life Coaching Client

What a life…. finally at fifty I recognize the woman I am to be. Not who society, my church, my ex-husband, or men in general tell me to be. I am a sensual woman who enjoys pleasure without guilt, shame or blame. I love food, enjoy sweaty sheet gripping intercourse and intimacy. I have hit lows and highs in life and I own them all. The past five years have been the grandest of them all. Fortunately, in these five years, I bumped into Suzy. As a young naive farm girl from Wisconsin, I watched Suzy and envied her not knowing how parallel our lives were. I am grateful for her surviving, and her candid honesty. Because of her story and coaching, I am alive today. I’m not being dramatic, I grasped her story and felt her pain. A pain I embraced because it was better than being numb. Hearing another’s story that we relate with makes an impact on how we see ourselves. Oh, I’m flawed. So intense and passionate but I’m good with that because I’m me. Thank you, Suzy for your toughness, humor, guidance and grace.

Staceyfrom Colorado Life Coaching Client

Working with Suzy has been a life changing experience. She creates a calm and welcoming environment in which I feel comfortable sharing my struggles; some for the very first time. Suzy has the natural ability to connect with her clients in a personable way and is always very encouraging while providing her own personal insights. While I usually feel ashamed by my mental illness and struggles, Suzy makes me feel as if I’m not alone. She knows what it’s like, she knows the struggle, and she continues to be there to support me every step of the way. Reaching out to Suzy was one of the best decisions I’ve made and I will forever be grateful for the strength and courage she has given me. I am in a much better place today both mentally and physically due to the coaching I have and continue to receive from Suzy and I guarantee you won’t find someone more supportive or willing to help. Thank you Suzy, you have changed my life.

Kianafrom Minnesota Life Coaching Client