Hikes & Retreats

pic-retreatssuzy hike big surAbout a year and a half ago, still recovering (it never ends), I decided spur of the moment to hike the Grand Canyon by myself. I had high expectations, but all I can tell you is that the experience was life changing. If you have not been there, when you first lay eyes on the canyon, it’s like nothing I can explain. Words simply do not do it justice. I hiked down to the bottom of the canyon, treating it like a workout, as I seem to do with everything in life, but doing my best to take it all in. As I progressed, I felt my mind calm, everything slow down. Inner peace. Better than any drug. Reaching the bottom of the canyon, I spent the night there reflecting, realizing what was important in my life, recognizing how fortunate I am. Such peace and solitude, but every so often, I would pass or catch up to someone, talk for a while, see that they were getting the same benefits I was from this journey. It’s like nothing else. The only negative I can report is that there is disappointment when it’s over. You simply want this to never end.

So recently I came up with the idea of inviting others to join me on my various hikes to hopefully experience a bit of what I’ve had the joy of experiencing, sharing stories, generating friendships, etc. I hike mainly in the LA area mountains, but often travel around the state & country looking for new adventures (think GC, Big Sur, Mt Whitney). If you’re interested in joining me for one of these hikes, let me know via the “Contact Suzy” link below. I’ll put you on a list and contact you with my planned schedule. I don’t wish to make anything on this, but you’re on your own to get where I’m going / house yourself, etc. There may be some fees down the road for some more elaborate retreats I put on, but for these hikes, not the case. All I ask is that you consider making a donation to one of the various causes I believe strongly in if you’re able. My little way of giving back and it happens to be really fun for me too. Hope to hear from you soon.