Suzy Favor Hamilton


Suzy Favor Hamilton PortraitI’m very happy to re-launch my website and thank you for visiting! Sure, this site is designed to provide exposure for me and keep people up to date on what I have going on, but more than anything I hope it serves as a statement that I’m not about to hide in shame. I’m here, perfectly willing to remain in the public eye.

Until my story is told, admittedly, this site will be running at half speed and effectiveness. But fairly soon, I will provide much more and start blogging on substantive issues with the goal of raising awareness and reducing stigmas when it comes to issues that are important to me. Running related topics will not be forgotten, but my focus will be on mental illness & the importance of knowledge, proper diagnosis, environment, support and hope. I hope these blogs are not only informative, but thought provoking as well. I’m certainly not afraid to speak my mind these days. Sometimes one has to take an unforeseen path to find their voice.

Thank you again for visiting, and please come back often. I expect this thing to evolve quite nicely.